With Coach vs Doing it Alone

Successful Workouts: With Coach vs. Doing it Alone

Workout CoachThe world is going through a sort of “fitness renaissance”. People – irrespective of their age, gender or social status – are becoming more aware of the benefits of consistent and regular exercise.

It is not unusual to see a septuagenarian doing jumping jacks and stretching exercises, or teenagers jogging early in the morning or late in the evening.

This new-found fitness awareness is evident in the unprecedented increase in gym membership and fitness club enrollments.

The importance of exercise to good and healthy living cannot be overemphasized. In a society plagued with an insatiable appetite for junk food and fizzy drinks, the average body size across all genders has increased.

More people are at high risk of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and even heart problems as a result of poor attention to diet and fitness. It is only logical that our society is experiencing this new drive for fitness.

Exercising is a greatly beneficial and rewarding experience, and the approach taken to it varies from person to person. It is important to note that despite the remarkable increase in gym membership and enrollments; even more people decide to go it alone – they don’t need a gym or fancy equipment or personal trainers before they achieve their fitness goals, at least that is their belief.

There is an age-long argument on whether it is better to undertake a fitness endeavor in an organized setting with the aid of a personal trainer or taking a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach to fitness.

Different schools of thought exist on this subject and it is subject to personal opinion which is better. Yet, it is easier when we consider the pros and cons of both commonly adopted approaches to exercise and fitness.

The better approach should be considered as that which helps us to attain our fitness goals easily and quickly. A successful workout regime should not only be judged on the basis of the results achieved at the end, but also on the safety, economy, speed and ease of achieving and maintaining these results.

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For all the talk of the benefits of workouts and fitness, it is important to note that, like any other therapy, exercising can be injurious and fatal when abused or wrongly administered. When properly done, exercising not only keeps the doctor at bay, it also keeps the bucks in the purse.

Exercising in an organized setting with a personal coach, ranks higher on the safety scale, as it is safer than the DIY approach for obvious reasons. There’s no overstating the importance of specialized knowledge in developing a fitness regime that best suits the individual.

The personal trainer or coach is not only knowledgeable, he is experienced and knows the right types of exercise to administer, expertly plans the sequence of events in the fitness programme, and is better equipped to gauge performance and the effectiveness of the workouts being done.

He knows what comes first, what suits your body type, has access to helpful resources that help him better align the exercise regime to your fitness goals. He also goes through the fitness programme with you, helping with balancing and coordination, lifting and adjusting heavy weights, teaching and correcting and ensuring that the training session is successful.

The DIY approach does not utilize the competence and experience that is available to the coached approach. It is not unusual for DIY exercise sessions to result in strains and sprains of muscles and body parts.

Most users of the DIY approach have limited knowledge of body building techniques, and this makes it an unsuitable choice for you if you are looking to achieve your fitness goals without ending up in casts or with a neck collar.

Ease of administration:

Some may argue that the DIY is the easier approach to fitness as it does not involve the high level of detail and sophistication associated with fitness under a personal trainer.

No fancy equipment or detailed plan is necessary. Improvising replaces sophistication while simplicity replaces detail under this approach. It goes without saying that this makes the DIY approach score higher for ease of administration.

Just anyone can pick up the DIY approach as no specialized knowledge is required. Though it might be counter-productive or time consuming, one can just “wing it” and go along with the flow.

Economy of approach:

As much as one of the goals for embarking on a fitness journey is to stay healthy, thereby keeping the doctor at bay, it is only important that any approach you choose to adopt helps cut medical bills, thereby increasing your savings.

The cost of recruiting the services of a personal trainer or coach, or that of enrolling in a gym or fitness club – though might be rather insignificant considering the overall benefits – has to come from somewhere.

Depending on your membership plan and how quickly you need your fitness goals attained, the cost may range from a few thousands to tens of thousands. This may seem counterproductive to the savings-inclined mind.

Why pay all what I am saving on medical bills for a year’s worth gym membership when I can easily do it myself? Well, that’s the sort of thinking that gets you looking like a particular famous cartoon character with a wide torso and lean limbs.

Speed of achieving set goals:

No one should ever begin a fitness program without first clearly stating the goals. That is not even enough. Like any project, goals should be set with a timetable and milestones should be carefully and clearly defined. The fitness plan should be drawn and reviewed as the programme progresses to determine if you are still on point.

All that is easy if you have a guide, a coach who can objectively criticize your progress, motivate you when you are down and ensure that the plan is stuck to and improved upon to speedily attain your fitness goals.

Discipline and determination are qualities that are important to achieving any set of goals in a timely manner, but they are also qualities not innate to everyone.

They are also qualities that tend to wane with time. This is where having a personal trainer or coach becomes extremely important, as he becomes the voice that constantly urges you on to never despair or give-up.

Except your self-motivation is of extremely high proportions, do not opt for the DIY approach to fitness if you want to achieve your fitness goals in a timely manner.

Maintenance of end results:

When it comes to fitness, the end result is not half as important as ensuring that there isn’t a relapse to the initial state.

Lean Muscle MassMatter-of-fact, this is the hardest part of any fitness programme. Many people tend to become relaxed and lose focus once they feel they have attained their perfect body or dream shape.

They tend to return to their previous harmful diet and eating habits, paying less attention to keeping fit, and hoping that somehow they can magically keep that fit shape while keeping their previous harmful habits.

Totally forgetting all the hard work they had to put in to achieve those goals.

It is even easier to fall victim of hubris if you adopted the DIY approach to fitness in achieving your perfect body image in the first place. You begin to think if you did it once before, then you can do it again.

Sometimes it’s true, but most times it is a harmful lie from the pit of hell. Why muster all that hard work into achieving your goals only to relapse and return to that saggy, unhealthy lifestyle you once had? This is where a coach comes in handy.

A coach has both emotional and physical investment in your fitness journey and would naturally not want to see all of that effort go to waste.

He ensures that you do not lose sight of the bigger picture by keeping you on track and devising workout regimes that will help maintain the goals that you have achieved. For him, his effort is only worthwhile if you can keep up the high standards you have already attained – that is only when he feels fulfilled.

So, maintenance of end results is easier and assured under the coached approach to fitness. Plus advice for supplements and pills to aid progress.

Considering the five indexes we have selected for determining or judging what a successful workout is, it goes without saying that the approach that ticks the most boxes is that which involves a coach.

Doing it yourself is tempting because it is rather simple and easy and allows you to save more, yet it ends up in the proverbial case of being “pound foolish, penny wise”. With a coach, fitness is fun, interesting and successful.

Just as one would rely on an experienced reputable and knowledgeable lawyer to plead one’s case in court when it is a matter of life and death, one should rely on the expertise and experience of a good coach on the journey to living a fit and healthy life. You can contact us here.


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