Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Philadelphia Skyline

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission is an example of an agency that began its life as a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) focused on transportation, but has evolved into a full-fledged land use planning organization. Working both sides of the river, DVRPC develops land use and transportation plans for the greater Philadelphia area in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The agency has no direct power to compel city and local governments to conform with regional plans. It seeks to create a common regional vision by planning collaboratively, directing transportation funds, promoting conservation land acquisitions and providing planning help to municipalities. The agency covers a diverse and politically fragmented landscape in which a struggling big city and its many sprawling suburbs do not have a strong history of mutual trust and cooperation.

Vital Statistics:

Chapter of the Book: 20

States: NJ & PA

Year Established: 1965

Geographic  Scale: 1.4 million acres

Mandatory or Voluntary over Local Government: Voluntary

Authorizing Laws: Federal & State

Agencies and Organizations:

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance

Delaware Riverkeeper

Partnership for the Delaware Estuary 


Connections 2035, The Long-Range Plan for a Sustainable Future

Regional Indicators for the DVRPC Long-Range Plan